Tuesday, June 3, 2014

sloAkitchen: Cherry Tree Event at Schraubenfabrik

May 23, creative people’s co-working space in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt, Schraubenfabrik, was hosting sloAkitchen, a Austrian-Slovenian event, combining culture, gastronomy and design.

The keynote of the venue were “all things cherry”, including cherry trees (that could be “adopted” right on the spot), cherry strudel as well as cherry-inspired jewelry and designs. All pepped up with good Austrian wine and live performance by Johann Sergej’s band with ‘always keep on the cherry-side of life’ and a frutty jam session by Dj… Mr. Cherrypicker, of course.

A big shout-out to Špela Leskovic, an architect from Ljubljana, and Helga Kusolitsch , an architecture curator from Vienna, for uniting their efforts and turning the ivy-cloaked terrace of Schraubenfabrik into a place to savor tastes and sounds in a warm company.

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